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Property Management


Property Management is a more complex process which deals with technical and logistical issues, whilst regarding the sensitivities of the people involved.  We take pride in our services, and our expertise in handling all your property matters will leave you feeling assured that you are in the right hands.


Our Property management team has been running successfully over 15 years. Our team includes Sumeet Khullar who has developed key expertise over the years through managing his own portfolio of residential properties, working under the KPS brand name. At KPS, we advise, manage and support our clients in all aspects of property management in a confidential,  efficient and yet thorough, bespoke manner. Our professional expert team run  can deliver an effective service, taking into account good management practices, that will maximise clients return from all of their property assets.


We manage properties in Central London and the suburbs. Our property management arm continues to grow in popularity amongst landlords seeking a reputable quality company that can deliver on it's promises.


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